Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Not good!

One of my friends has been complaining to me about their plantar fasciitis, and I think now I have got it myself.. I think that they have jinxed me by going on about it so much. My feet are so sore I only decided to start playing football the other day because the world cup was on.. I have not played a proper game in a long long time.. years probably... forgot just how fun it is! Well I wont be playing for quite a while now then....Next time (probably in a  couple years time when my friends finally want to play again and this foot pain stops) I will make sure I at least stretch my feet before a game.. no Idea how you actually stretch your feet... I do do some warm up stretches and just waft my hands around and copy what others are doing but to be honest how do you actually know its worked.. I feel no different afterwards... anyone else find that?